About Us

The Freddy Guys - Barb, Fritz and children Toby, Jocie and Evan - purchased their 60 acre hazelnut orchard in 1998, initiating a move from the cowboy country of Eastern Washington where the family had spent the last 12 years to the orchard located in the Willamette Valley of Western Oregon. They had no prior nut farming experience but had always lived close to the land. In explaining the surprising decision to up and buy a full sized hazelnut orchard, Freddy Guys once remarked that they have always been a little nutty, and well, "filbert farmers" was a title that just seemed to fit.

The fresh farmers were lucky to have support from their extended family while they were learning the nut farming process - Uncle Ray, an experienced farmer, helped them through their first harvest. The family support continues today, as Grandpa Newton is an occasional tractor driver, Grandpa Foulke helps prune, and both grandmothers provide food during the madness of harvest.

As well as a beautiful place to live, the orchard pays college tuition for Jocie, 20, and Toby, 23. Evan, 17, still attends high school. Recently, Barb decided to try direct marketing the hazelnuts. By packaging them herself and selling them directly to consumers she eliminates the middle man in the process of getting the nuts from the orchard to your mouth. This value-added marketing results in both a better price for the consumer and a better share of the profit for the farmer. Barb has distributed the direct marketed hazelnuts to businesses throughout Oregon and sells them at farmer's markets in Portland and is actively working to create and improve her new web site.

The orchard is managed according to integrated production guidelines developed at Oregon State University. While the farm is not certified organic, the Freddy Guys consult with a horticultural extension agent and conscientiously practice earth-friendly farming.

As a family and a farm, the Freddy Guys welcome you and we hope that you enjoy this website and our hazelnuts.