When you order from our farm you are guaranteed quality and freshness. Each order is hand packed by myself and Julie. Immediately after harvest our nuts are stored in-shell at 39 degrees, and only cracked as needed. We crack and roast frequently so that what arrives at your doorstep is always of the freshest and highest quality. If you are unhappy with your order please email us and we will refund your money. Please anticipate that we will request a return of the product, at our expense of course. This gives us the ability to evaluate any error. Please also remember to put your nuts in your refrigerator so that they stay fresh while you are using them. Hazelnuts do not like heat or humidity and both can be controlled for by refrigerating or freezing your hazelnuts.

We believe in loyalty to our customers. We would never give out lists of names or email addresses or any other personal information. We respect your privacy. We are a small family farm with very little outside help. Our nuts are stored, shelled, and roasted and packaged here on the farm. We then package according to your order specifications. Please let us know if you have a specific request – we specialize in individual attention to our customers. We are FDA and ODA inspected and licensed.

We ship directly from our farm to your door. Knowing where your food comes from gives you added confidence and security in the quality of the hazelnuts you are buying. We are FDA inspected and licensed for food processing. We are a family farm with a value added operation selling locally in gourmet shops and delis as well as at the local farmers and holiday markets. We are readily available to answer any questions regarding quality, processing, packaging, or safety. Contact us for more information.